Somos Especialistas

Arbitration and conciliation, Claim for dismissal, Applications for widow's pension, Disability, Compensation in case of accident, Employment regulation records


Tax Returns (Income, Companies, VAT, etc), Tax Inspection, Family Assets, Investment processes, Foreign companies in Spain

Contract drafting, Succession, Marital matters, Non-contractual liability, Communities of Owners, Insurance law

Obtaining and renewing visas for foreigners, Residence permits, Spanish nationality, International recruitment, Tax optimization of corporate relationships

Divorces and legal separations, Wills, Succession in the family business, Prenuptial agreements, Community of goods

Building permits, Activity licenses, Urban planning agreements, Expropriations, Advice on horizontal property divisions

Public sector recruitment, Expropriations, Administrative sanctions, Public domain, Contentious-Administrative procedures, Responsibility of the Public Administration

Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Marketing Plans, International expansion, Insolvency procedures, Second opportunity, Debt restructuring

Legal notices, cookies policies, location of notices, privacy policies in E-commerce, privacy protection