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    Immigration law is becoming stricter, making it difficult for companies to hire immigrants to work and live in Spain. Our lawyers can help your company comply with the complex immigration laws. We also help migrants looking to invest or start a business in Spain. Any immigration process is stressful and following the rules is vital to avoid fines or lawsuits. We work closely with you to understand your needs and establish a tailor-made strategy to protect both your business and employees. Companies that employ migrant workers should ensure they have the correct Sponsorship License. Applying for and maintaining these licenses requires time and resources. Companies may face problems if they don’t follow the right process.

    Can you help me with problems related to Brexit? The immigration laws around Brexit are uncertain, but changes are likely. We understand that for companies that employ people from the United Kingdom or for UK citizens operating in Spain, this is an incredibly disturbing time. Our immigration lawyers can evaluate your business and advise you on the best way to prepare for Brexit. We will also help you and your dependents to apply for a permanent residence permit to stay in Spain. Contact us for more information on how our solicitors can be of help with a variety of Brexit related issues.

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